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Explanatory diagram
※ C is the diameter of the coupling of the other side.
a formula
Based correction amount of the back of the case you modify the surface
  Amount of correction(A) = a × Y / C
Circumference of the amount of change If you modify the surface
  Amount of change(B) = A × X / Y
Correction amount of the previous base
  Adjustment amount(FB) = d - B
Based correction amount of behind
  Adjustment amount(RB) = A - FB

 Dial gauge should be attached to the rotating body to fix the liner.
 Because it does not include the coordination between the surface (distance), Keep fit first roughly.
 Surface, the input of the left and right in the circumferential both will come out correction value of the line to be omitted.
 Even if not match the left and right of the sum and the lower numbers will appear each of the modified value.

Input numbers
 All, enter in millimeters.
 Minus, half angle of the hyphen "-" Please put in front of the number.
 Left and right, you enter a number that viewed from the side that you want to modify.

Measurement between the surface
 If you want to measure the inter-face in Sukimi gauge and inside, please the actual size to read dial gauge.
 If you want to measure a cylinder gauge, enter the raw reading.
 If you are using a dial gauge as shown below, enter the + and over to reverse.
Explanatory diagram

At the end
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